Logo redesign for Byrd Baggett (Inspirational / Motivational Speaker)
Businesd Card Design fro Byrd Baggett (The Speaker)
Alternate Business Card Design for Byrd Baggett (Sales of Products)
Byrd Baggett Speaker Sale Sheets
Direct Mail for getting speaking engagements.
Designed over 350 power point slides for his presentations
ByrdsWords.com (Desinged site and most of the product he sells)
Product Detail page for ByrdsWords.com
BaggettConsulting.com Site Design (site was coporate face of Byrd Baggett
ByrdBaggett.com Redesign. CSS Based CSM. Full Site design.
ByrdsWords.com Site redesign V2.
Designed a series of 30 posters for resale by Byrd.
Designed over 20 DVD / CD covers, cases and inserts.
Designed over 200 Byrd Baggett inspirational products.
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